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In school days, I used to visit my grand parent’s place for vacation. During these holidays, I visited my uncle’s studio which was quite famous at that time. Here, for the first time I experienced the process of printing black and white photographs and it was amazing. It was then I started my photography using pentax-1000, one of the world’s best film cameras of that period.

I didn’t know that this hobby of clicking images would turn into my profession. After my higher studies I joined a short term course of three months in RR school of photography. Later I joined in J.N.T.U (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University) for my B.F.A degree in the year 1993.

Axis studio offers Stylish, Fashion, Occasional and Portrait photography to a variety of clients. With over 20 years of experience blended with an artistic view, we proudly to be the solution for capturing your sweet memories.

Cell No : +91 - 944-005-70-29, +91 - 701-302-25-67

E-mail: axisstudio1@gmail.com

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